April 16, 2015

Lilly's coming to Target, in 2 days!

A few of my favorite from the collection, okay honestly I love the entire collection!

Just in case you have not heard (because it has literally been everywhere) Lilly Pulitzer is coming to Target!  There could not be a better collab and it's at the most perfect time possible!  Make sure to mark your calendars to place your orders asap.  I know I will be doing both online and in-store shopping!


Spring into the Office

I would say this is the perfect outfit for a Spring day at the office, but not today.  The snow is coming down heavy and not stopping, so I am bundled up in layers :(

Top: UOI Online (Use discount code WHITNEYAPRIL for 10% off), Similar, Pretty Option
Watch: Kate Spade, Similar, Love this

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April 15, 2015

Feeling Groovy

These pants are definitely not something I would typically picture myself in, but they are fun for summer or a beach vacation.  I will be honest, they pretty much feel like pajamas and I am all for an outfit that is cute and incredibly comfortable.  The pom pom and tassel trend are two trends that I plan on fully embracing for the summer, whether it's a day at the pool or a tropical getaway.

Pants: Target, Similar, Similar, Fun Option
Wedges: Target (old), Similar, Similar, Love these
Bag: Forever 21 (really old), Similar, Similar, Similar
Sunglasses: Forever 21 (also really old), Similar, Similar
Necklace: Online Boutique (no longer available), Similar

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April 13, 2015

Spring Seersucker

Seesrucker is one of my favorite classic staples for the warmer months.  I love that mainstream stores carry it as well, like this dress that I found at Old Navy.  I actually bought this same dress last year in pink and fell in love with the fit, so I did not hesitate when I found this one on sale and in my size ;)  Oh and these wedges look incredible tall and uncomfortable, but seriously you guys, they are SO comfortable!

Dress: Old Navy (love the fit!), Similar, Similar
Button-up: Forever 21 (old), Similar, Similar, Cute Option
Wedges: UOI Online (super comfy!) 10% discount code WHITNEYAPRIL, Similar, Similar
Necklace: SimplyLovelyHandmade, Similar, Similar

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April 10, 2015

Getaway Maxi


I warned you, Maxi's are on their way, I cannot get enough of them!  I love this one because the waist is tailored so nicely.  I love when I find a dress that fits like a glove, it really makes you feel so confident!  This dress has been added to the list of items that I will be taking on our honeymoon.


Dress: UOI Online (use code WHITNEYAPRIL for 10% off), Similar, Similar
Wedges: Old from TJ Maxx, Similar, Similar, Love these
Bracelets: Forever 21 (old), Similar, Similar, Need these

Have a wonderful weekend! Tomorrow I will be car shopping :-/


April 8, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: What to wear?

In the past I have featured a wedding guest look, but I thought it was time for an update, plus wedding season is right around the corner.  My main focus this year will me planning for our wedding, but we do have a few we will be attending and I have thought a little bit about what I should wear.  I think it is more than okay to step out of the traditional floral dress and opt for a bright fun dress. 

If you are like me and on the vertically challenged side (I have officially peeked at 5'3), heels are your best friend, especially nude heels.  My favorite thing about nude heels is that they lengthen your legs, but are still a clean and polished option.  All I am missing is an evening clutch, scroll down for options. 

Dress: UOI Online (use discount code WHITNEYAPRIL for 10% off), Similar, Fun Option, Love
Heels: GoJane, Similar, Similar, Similar
Earrings: Local Boutique, Similar, Similar, Option

I realized I pretty much only have one nice evening clutch, so I linked a few I have my eye on below.  I love that they are great neutral options for any dress or outfit.

Evening Clutch Option


April 7, 2015

Nautical Maxi

I have always had a thing for maxi dresses, but this one is like no other I have in my closet.  It's so incredibly comfortable and it has a very nautical feel.  If you are not a fan of navy, it also comes in black, which is great because it may match more of the things you already own.  

Use discount code WHITNEYAPRIL  at UOI Online for 10% off your purchase!


Dresses: Navy and Black, Similar, Similar
Hat: Forever 21, Similar, Similar, Fun Option
Necklace: Forever 21 (old), Similar, Love this
Heels: Target, Similar


April 3, 2015

Utility Vest


I absolutely love my utility jacket that I have had for a very long time now, I still wear it on a regular basis.  I thought it would be nice to find something similar, but that could be worn in the Spring and Summer.  I knew I wanted a utility vest and it's the most random way I found this one.  I decided to just Google green utility vest and see what came up, this one from New York & Company came up and it was only $18, so I thought why not, it looked cute in the picture.  Once it came in I was surprised how much I loved it!  It's not too thick, the length is perfect and it will go with SO many pieces I already have in my closet.

Utility Vest: NY & CO, Similar, Similar
Purse: Forever 21 (old), Similar, Similar, Love this!
Heels: GoJane.com (old), Similar, Similar, Cute Option
Bracelets: Jcrew Factory (old), Similar // Forever 21, Similar

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April 1, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: Save the Date Photo Tips

Tips for your engagement or save the date photos
1. Do your research before hiring a photographer, The Knot helped me so much!
2. Pick a location that has meaning and has a nice background to shoot at.
3. Stay away from trendy pieces, stick with a classic outfit that you can look back at and love.
4. Give yourself a clean manicure, or get one done.
5. Have your ring professional cleaned.

Chautauqua is one of our favorite places to hike is Boulder, so we decided it would be the perfect place to take our save the dates photos.  As far as deciding on what to wear, I went with what I knew and loved.  Navy is a classic and it's also one of our wedding colors, the plaid scarf is a classic that you can never go wrong with.  Some people like to change outfits and initially that was my plan, but the location we picked was not an easy spot to get to, so we went with one outfit, I love how it kept a consistent feel throughout all of our shots.

We were so lucky to find our photographer, Josh Hall.  He recently moved to Colorado from Louisiana and we found him just in time, his schedule is filling up quickly.

Thanks for reading, happy hump day!


March 31, 2015

Sassy Shorts

Sassy shorts... that is exactly what I thought when I saw these fun pom pom shorts.  I love the look of pom pom anything for summer, but I was struggling finding pieces that were affordable.  Asos had a lot of options but all of the shorts, rompers and dresses were over $50.  I am not a big fan of paying a lot of money for trendy pieces that I may only wear one or two seasons.  That is why I thought these shorts were a great option, they are under $35 and are the color combo is perfection! 

Shorts: UOI Online (obsessed!) 10% Discount Code - WHITNEYMAR
Similar Shorts: Option 1, Option 2, Love these!
Crop Top: Forever 21 (old), Very Similar, Similar, Fun Option
Crossbody: Old, Similar, Similar
Wedges: Forever 21 (last year), Similar, Similar, Love these
Bracelets: Jane.com, Similar, Etsy has lots of Options

Have a fabulous day!


March 27, 2015

Friday Favorites

Costco roses - I was able to make two bouquets and they were only $16!

Lilly cup and Kate Spade wallet that coordinate nicely.

My favorite PJ top! This one is my second favorite, they are all so cute!

Two simple pleasure that I absolutely love!

We sent out our save the dates a few weeks ago!  I love how they came out :)
Stay tuned next week to see more of our save the date photos!

Have a great weekend!