October 12, 2012

Fall Trends

Fall trends 

Cosmopolitan magazine is probably one of my biggest obsession.  I have been this way since I was about 17.  My favorite part is toward the back, the fashion section.  I love seeing the beautiful photo spreads, with the glamorous models, make-up and without a doubt the clothes

This gets me thinking about the upcoming trends, and wishing I had the paycheck to play dress-up with the designer labels.  Even though I can't always have these stunning pieces, I can pick and choose the items that are, 1. affordable and 2. something I can see myself wearing for longer than a week.

So here are a few of my picks for Fall trends:

1. Faux leather leggings 
2. Hunter (or replica) rain boots 
3. Leopard scarfs 
4. Deep blue nail polishes 
5. Ankle boots 
6. Chambray shirts
7. Mustard colored sweaters

As for what I will be splurging on out of these items, I am not 100% sure on the leather leggings, but it might be fun to feel like Cat Woman for a day.  And the hunter boots are very cute, except I rarely wear the rain boots I have, so I think I will hold off.

What are your favorite picks?


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