October 12, 2012

How to: DIY boot socks

I have been seeing boot socks everywhere, Pinterest, Etsy, ect.  I thought to myself, I can totally make these and even better I can make them so they can be worn with boots that are various heights. Sometimes I struggle being a DIY-er, but this one is practically effortless.  Scroll down to see this fun and easy tutorial!

1. Tall thick socks (I bought mine at Kmart in the men's sock section - about $4)
2. Sharp scissors
1. Cut above the heel and voila!
2. Slide up to your knee, grab some boots and you are equipped for the cold.  

In case you still don't feel like doing a DIY, here are some cute options to purchase...



  1. I have a weird question... are these functional or purely aesthetic? I've seen this look a lot (never tried it myself) and have been wondering whether people wear these to keep warm or just to look cute (or both!)?

    I'm your newest follower, btw :)

  2. I would definitely say a little bit of both. I mean they are are not life changing by any means, but its more material over thin legging. I love how they look. Boot socks give a comfy, warm, layering affect. For only $4, why not?

  3. Whitney.....loving your blog! You are so good at all this stuff....I am following it reguarly. love the sock idea..I will try it myself this weekend. Hint Hint Hint for this christmas though. Keep you posted on how I do......should be worth a laugh or two:) Good job..I am so proud of you:) Nancy

    1. Thank you! It is a learning process, the formatting and such. I can't wait to see your little project. You are quite crafty. I am glad you are enjoying this, I will keep up on my posts!

  4. Did you do anything to keep yarn from unraveling?

  5. Good idea to make boot socks from knee socks. I will definitely try this. besides this you have given perfect choice to purchase trendy socks and I am sure that I can get my choice's socks through your website because i am very fond of wearing unique patterned socks matching with my clothes.