October 7, 2012

Red Cords and a messy house

Sorry about my messy room, I need to clean. Anyways this is what I wore to class today! TGIF! 
I apologize for the mess.  I promise, I did clean later in the day.
Anyways this was one of my outfits that I wore to class last week.  The jeans are from Old Navy and let me tell you, they are AMAZING! They are in the Rockstar skinny line and mine are the cords.  So comfy and they fit great.  I usually have a difficult time finding jeans that fit my butt and hips.  I have a little bit of a booty but my hips are not proportional, so jeans tend to gap in the back.  These ones really did not do that and they were only $20.  Go buy some of these amazing cords.

I love the new Old Navy Rockstar skinnies.  Today I am wearing the red Rockstar Cords. #ootd #armcandy #fashion #oldnavy (Taken with Instagram) 
Here is the entire outfit.  Preppy armcandy, I have been into pearls lately.

Blazer: TJ Maxx
Tank: Buckle
Boots: gojane.com
Match: Michael Kors
Bracelets: Target & Forever21


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