November 12, 2012

How to: Headband twist

Elegant, yet simple. 

You will need: 

Clear rubber hair ties
Pack of bobby pins
Thin headband
Your lovely locks
 1. Create a side part, either side will do.

2. Place a headband about two inches back from your hair line.  Make sure to pick a color that is similar to your own hair color.

3. Keep a medium size section of hair in front of the headband.

4. Twist the front of hair around the headband.  Be sure you are twisting away from your face.  If you have layers (like me) use bobby pins to hold the hair in place.  For a relaxed look, don't pull the hair too tight.

6. After you have twisted both sides of hair into the headband, pull back into a low pony.  Secure with a clear rubber tie.

7. Wrap the hair around your pony into a bun.  

8. To hold the bun in place, use more of your handy dandy  bobby pins.  I used about four pins around the sides of the bun, so it wouldn't come loose.
All done!

 This took me about five minutes.  I pulled a few pieces of hair out on the sides, so it looked a bit more relaxed.  

 Hope you guys enjoyed this quick tutorial.  I would love to hear your feedback.

Photos by: Bryan Cregger 



  1. This looks gorgeous!! I'm going to try it but I have a feeling I may have too much hair. Do you think it will work with xtra thick hair?

    XO, Gina

    1. I have pretty thick hair, but short layers in front and that it what I twisted back. But I think you may just have to use a smaller section to do all the twisting.

  2. Great, easy style...thanks for the tutorial! And I am totally of your hair, it is so gorgeous!!