August 30, 2013

Labor Day finds at BR Outlet

Perfect for Fall work outfits!

I just had to do a quick post on the amazing Labor Day sales going on right now.  I had to swing by Banana Republic Outlet on my lunch today to exchange the skirt pictured above.  I realized the size I bought didn't fit when I got home.  I am so glad I went in because their sales were absolutely amazing!  The entire store was 50% off including all new arrivals, hello gorgeous fall clothes.  I also had a 15% of coupon so this made my entire purchase 75% off - YAY!!  Shopping on your lunch break can be difficult, but I was a super-shopper (it's all about speed ladies).  I tried on all of this and more.  I ended up purchasing all items pictured and a few more things and guess what... I kept it under $100.

These are perfect to wear on the weekends.

Obsessed with the lining of this jacket!


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  1. You're back! (Sorry for taking a while to notice. I've added you to bloglovin so I can follow along.) Thanks for posting your finds! That striped blazer is too perfect :)