August 15, 2013

Running neccessities

One of my favorite trails and it's right behind my work!

I cannot go running without some sort of headband or hat.  I have so much hair...with lots of layers, so unless I want to run with my hair allover the place, I need something.  I love these headbands and this hat is amazing.  The second thing I always need while on a run, is a no-mess armband.  Without music I really think I could die of boredom or possibly lack of motivation.  The tuneband has been so great to me, I never have issues of it sliding around or my phone falling out.  My phone literally fits just as perfect as the image above. 

The last thing that I must have for a run is pretty obvious... running shoes!  Finding the perfect running shoes is like looking for a needle in a haystack.  It is nearly impossible, there are so many different brands, styles, colors, etc.  I have found that Asics typically are the best for, but they MUST have gel in them or my calf muscles hate me the next day.  My secret to not going broke when purchasing a new pair every 6 months to a year, is by buying them in kids.  

Any runners out there, please feel free to give me ideas and advice.  What are some of your favorite running accessories?


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