September 5, 2013

Makeup Storage and Goodies

Some say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, some say it comes from within.  I believe beauty comes in many forms, it can be as simple as an act of kindness.  I truly feel that beauty can be found in the strangest places, you just have to look for it.

I find makeup to be a beautiful thing, you can express yourself with it or you can hide of few things.  Lack of sleep is definitely something I like to conceal.  Whether you use it to look fresh or sexy, it's a lovely thing.  Recently I decided I needed to alter my typical makeup storage routine of tossing everything into my makeup bag.  I liked the idea of displaying my makeup, but in a functional way, where it could quickly be accessed.  My first stop on my hunt for makeup storage was Organized Living.  I have to say this place is pretty amazing, it's kind of like Target, you always end up finding way more than you need.  I ended up buying a funky swivel storage system that I use for mostly eye shadows. I also purchased an unnecessary nail polish display, but it was on sale for like five dollars, so it was justified.  After this trip, I was off to Target where I stumbled upon a large more useful makeup container.  I love how everything is clear, this way I can easily find what I need quickly. 

I also bought a couple new makeup products from Ulta. This elf blush is so fun and bright, I couldn't resist.  I am all about trying setting sprays, especially because NYX has a Matte Finish one.  I also needed a new concealer and the NYX Photogenic Concealer has a nice thick texture.



  1. I've been dying for new stylish storage options! Thx for posting!

    lindsey of:

  2. What shade is the elf blush?

  3. I'm happy with my choice, and strongly recommend them to anyone who is looking for one. This Storage Place rocks! I only rented for a month and they were totally professional and accommodating.

  4. What are the storage containers called? I tried the website but was unable to locate them. Please help.