September 19, 2013

Plaid Skirt Obsession

If you stopped by my blog around Labor Day you probably saw this post about what I purchased from BR, because it was the only logical thing to do with all the sales.  Well I finally got around to wearing them and I have no idea why, but I am completely obsessed with this skirt.  

The colors are very fall but the pieces are still summer items.  Which brings me to Colorado's insane weather... like a woman during that hormonal time, she cannot make up her mind!  Just a few days ago our state was practically underwater and today it was sunny and nearly 85 degrees.  I will never try to figure out the weather here, it's all about being prepared.  I wore a navy cardigan (also from banana, I have a problem) with this outfit, but when I got off work it was also off... immediately.

I have a question for my readers... What do you all think about wearing a sleeveless top to work?  I always wear a cardigan or blazer in these situations, but if I didn't, would it be inappropriate?

By the way I am in love with this elephant necklace

Almost all from Banana Republic...

Top: BR Outlet Similar, Similar, Fun Option (love the navy trim)
Skirt: BR Outlet Similar, Similar (but pricey), Similar
Watch: MK
Necklace: F21
New Polish: OPI - Big Apple Red


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