January 19, 2014



Last week was one of those weeks; my schedule was full of meetings, projects and other work related tasks.  For a lack of better words,  I was busy!  I told myself I would eat clean and hit the gym everyday... and then Wednesday came.  My healthy eating/fitness plan started to fail.  I forgot my sports bra, so I drove home to grab it, but once I walked through the door, I knew I wasn't going back to the gym.  Thursday we got takeout, Friday morning I picked up a not-so-healthy Starbucks drink.  Once the weekend arrived my unhealthy stint turned into something much worse... three words: pizza, wings, and wine.

I really hate when this happens, I like to think I have self control.  Apparently my so-called "self control" went on a hiatus.  So this week I will be making a conscious effort to be clean.  Lots of fruit and veggies, a homemade juice drink each morning, green tea instead of coffee, and back to the treadmill and stair-master.  I will try to post my healthy moments on Instagram throughout the week.

Wish me luck!



  1. Well, first let me say that you have an amazing figure...it is even more impressive knowing that you do cheat:) Don't worry about the wine, darling...it's good for ya:)
    Even tho you look amazing, I understand the frustration that comes when we fall off on our commitment to fitness and eating healthy. I wish you luck but don't be too hard on yourself...you are doing great.
    XO, Gina

    1. Thank you for your kind words! I just hate feeling unhealthy... you know, it's not like I feel fat lol. But when I get tired and just don't feel right because of what I have been eating. I definitely cheat, but I just want to cheat a bit less :)

      Thank you!

      - Whit