March 29, 2014

Fun Accessories...


I have been in love with these pink designer inspired pumps.  As a 23-year-old working girl, there is no way on Earth I would pay nearly $1000 for a pair of shoes, that's almost my rent for a month!  So when I found an inexpensive alternative on Ebay, I was all for it.  They are a great pair of heels, but they do lack a bit in quality, which I am completely fine with... considering they are not an everyday heel.  None the less the fit is true to size and I think they are adorable.  That is a win in my book! 

Earrings: Random Boutique, Similar, Similar, Similar
Sunglasses: F21

Have a great week :)



  1. Very cute outfit Whitney! Love the soft color of the dress with the bright jewels and shoes. I'm with you- I don't mind compromising a little on quality if the price is low enough. And are your legs naturally that color or do you have a fabulous self tanner you can recommend so I can get that look?! It's such a great color!
    On the Daily Express

  2. Hi Gina,

    Thank you for stopping by :) You caught me, it's self tanner... I think heels look so much better when your legs are tan. I actually linked the self tanner I use in my last post. It's Sally Hansen Airbrush Leg Makeup. I have been using it for years and absolutely love it! It last forever too. I bought mine at Target.

    - Whit

  3. I love your earrings and those Valentino-inspired pumps! I may have to get a pair now since I've been obsessing over them for ages :)


  4. I love that dress and the Valentino inspired heels;) You look gorgeous, Whit!
    XO, Gina

  5. After falling in love with the dress, I have located it in eBay! Would you care to divulge if you are in the XS or Small? It would be such help to me! your blog is currently helping me as I revamp my wardrobe. ��