October 23, 2014

Running Rambles: Fitness Update

 Happy Thursday friends!  Today I thought I would do a fitness update, to keep Running Rambles a semi-regular post.  Lately my fitness routine has included running 5 days a week with a distance ranging from 2 to 4 miles.  This week I have gone on 3 runs with a total distance of 9.2.  Today is my off day, so I will try to schedule in at lease 2 more runs this week... I am thinking Friday and Sunday.  Saturday we have a busy day, wedding planning, exploring the pumpkin patch, then dinner and a comedy show at night.  I plan to do a 3 mile run tomorrow and 4 miles on Sunday.  That will put me at a total of 16 miles for the week (I am counting Sunday as a part of this week, because I'm weird like that). 

Hiking with my mom in Golden Gate state park.
Fall is my favorite season for running.
One of my favorite trails, this view is amazing!
I have been thinking about doing either a 10k or Half Marathon trail run, possibly April of next year.  It just all depends on how much training I do in the Winter.  Right now I am pretty much just running to get a workout and to be outside, I haven't looked a training schedule.  If you have any good training schedules, I would love it if you could send me links!

Some of my favorite running gear:


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  1. you have such a fabulous fit figure, girl! I wish I live near you, I'd say we could train for the half marathon together:) Sort of on my bucket list.
    XO, GIna