December 5, 2014

Gift for the Bestie: Under $50

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When it comes to buying gifts for your girlfriends it can add up if you have a handful on your bestie list.  So being aware of your budget is extremely important, especially with your family, significant other and their family... it can really add up to say the least.

My advice is mix both high and low end items, for example maybe you want to buy your friend three small gifts, stick with something high end but on the smaller, like a Mac lipstick and then include cute Old Navy gloves and maybe even a DIY monogram mug or makeup brush holder.  I love the idea of personalized gifts for the holidays (basically anything monogrammed) and cold weather gear is always a good idea. 

Keeping in mind your budget during the holidays with help keep you stress free and able to enjoy this special time with friends and family.  I know I feel much better when I keep myself in check.

I just realized the Kate Spade phone case was also on my wish list, apparently I have a thing for it and think my friends would too ;)  Good luck shopping!


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