March 17, 2015

Back Details


This dress is AMAZING!  I have always loved the look of an open or detailed back dress, but have been hesitant about purchasing one.  My number one worry was, how the heck am I going to wear a bra?  Personally, I would not feel comfortable going without one.  So I ordered this dress with the intention of figuring out how I was going to deal with the bra situation later.  A few days ago I decided I would have to buy a sticky bra.  I picked mine up from Target and it works like a charm!  It's very easy to apply and it definitely does the job without coming off.  If you have been debating about buying backless pieces for summer, go head and do it... just grab a sticky bra first ;)

Dress: UOI Online (10% off discount w/ code WHITNEYMAR), Similar, Love this
More Open back dress options: Here, here and here (My fav!)
Heels: Target (on sale!), Similar, Similar
Purse: Kate Spade (sold out), Similar, Similar
Earrings: Brina Box - Old, Real Version 

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