May 28, 2015

Hit the Road Jack


How adorable are these Jelly Jack Rogers Inspired sandals!  For only $15, you cannot pass them up... but wait it gets better I found the same exact pair on one of my favorites sites for shoes for under $12!  My thoughts are, why spend $50 dollars on the real thing when you can find ones that look almost exactly the same for a quarter of the price! And really, all they are, are a pair of fancy flip flops.

The real thing...

That's not all...

I found more great look-a-likes for the traditional Jacks that have been around for decades.  I personally would invest in buying a pair of traditional Jack Rogers, the quality is great and they will never really go out of style.  But if you just can't bring yourself to spend $100+ on sandals, there are so many great alternatives!  Below are a few of my favorite options that will keep your wallet happy and your feet adorable this summer.

 Pierre Dumas Sandals are a great option, I have a pair and they are SO comfortable.  They looks very similar to the real thing, but will only cost you up to $30.

UOI Online also has great options for Jack-inspired sandals, I love these and theseThese white ones would go with pretty much everything.  Use discount code WHITNEYMAY for 10% off your purchase.

If you are still not convinced that you can find great Jack Roger inspired sandals, below I linked the real deal...
Thanks for reading, have a wonderful day!