July 22, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: The Bridal Shower

Pink and gold touches
This past weekend was my bridal shower, it was such an amazing day! My sisters, mom, step-mom and future mother-in-law did a great job putting it all together.  It was so nice to have family and friends come together to celebrate and enjoy this time before the wedding.  My favorite part of the day was playing a game my sister, dad, and Bryan put together to see how well I know my soon-to-be groom (read more below).

Fun accessories for the staircase
Advice for the bride
Yummy food for the party!
There was a lot of champagne!
The countdown is on!
Toasting! How cute is the "Miss to Mrs" banner in the background? Thanks Jill!
The "How well does Whitney know her soon-to-be groom" game - this was hysterical!
My sister put together such a fun bridal shower game, it was "how well does Whitney know her soon-to-be groom".  It was hilarious, we were all laughing the entire time!  In advance, Bryan and my dad filmed all of the answers to a handful of questions (I knew he was sneaking around with my dad, I just didn't know what for).  I would answer the questions and then we all watched Bryan's answers.  If I got the questions incorrect I had two choices, have someone if the room do my makeup (the options were glitter, blue eyeshadow, etc.... you get the idea) or I could take a shot, the only catch was there was three shot glasses with all different clear alcohol, but I had no clue what kinds of alcohol.  I did a little of both and I ended up with bright orange/red lipstick and glitter on my eyebrows, plus a bit tipsy after a few shots.  Overall I got a lot of the questions right, but a few were there to purposely have me give the incorrect answer.  If you are looking for a fun bridal shower game, this one will definitely keep everyone entertained!

Getting my makeup done for answering questions incorrectly.
Gorgeous platter was a very sweet gift
Mrs. Cregger hanger for my wedding dress
The bridesmaids (missing one of the girls who couldn't make it)
More photos in the backyard
It's a little hard to tell in this photo, but my brother mowed a heart into the lawn!
My outfit details: Dress from Shop Impressions (no longer available), Similar, Similar // Heels, Similar //  Necklace (obsessed), Cute Option // Bracelets
Shower favors for the guests
Guest favors - Rose soap, candle and scented pack to keep linens smelling fresh.
I hope you guys enjoyed see a bit of the shower! only 44 more days! 

Thanks for stopping by and have a happy Hump Day :)



  1. You are looking fabulous in your bridal shower party!! Your white dress is so elegant. Can you tell me from where you get this? Actually next month there is my bridal shower party that I am going to host at some domestic outdoor venues in DC. I would like to wear this kind of frilled dress on this special occasion.

  2. Fabulous!! You are looking just like an angel in your white wedding dress. Everything just looks perfect & cool in your bridal shower party. Thanks for sharing your precious moments with us. xoxo