October 7, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: Why you NEED a Wedding Website

 Although the wedding planning is now behind us, I wanted to share some wedding planning tips with you guys.  Maybe you just got engaged or maybe you are close to being engaged (I feel like so many people get engaged over the holidays), either way I plan to continue the Wedding Wednesday posts to help those of you looking for wedding planning tips.

It's been just over one month since Bryan and I made it official and tied the knot.  Looking back at it all, it's still so hard to believe that months and months went into planning one day and now it's already a month behind us.  But it was all worth it, we had such an amazing day and night with our friends/family and I would not trade it for anything.

After thinking about the one thing that made my life a little easier during the planning process, I kept going back to our wedding website.  Without it, I would have spent SO much time organizing different lists and creating spreadsheets.  After reading reviews from brides about which platforms were the most user friendly, I decided on The Knot

So to get to it, here is my top eight reasons you NEED a wedding website:

1. Manage your guests list:  Unless you enjoy creating in depth Excel spreadsheets, you need a website for solely this reason.  The user interface of The Knot allows you to create your guest list by party and add children, guests, and spouses.  It also gives you the option to create each party under the categories of Bride's Family, Bride's Friends, Groom's Family, and Groom's Friends.  Then you can filter your guest list by these categories.  Hello, so amazing!

2. Share information with your guests:  This one is huge, you can add all the vital information for your wedding here, from locations with maps to shuttles/transportation details.  If you start to get a common question from your guests, simply add it to your website.  The best part is you can put your website URL on your invitations and all your guests will have it!

3. Organize your guests addresses:  This goes along with number one, everything you add into your guest list manager is in one place where you can always access it (I highly recommend downloading your websites app, if they have one).  You can also export this list into a spreadsheet which is incredibly helpful when it comes to making labels for your invitations.

4. Manage RSVP's:  I decided not to use any hard paper RSVP's.  For one, I am terrible with paper, anything that's important and in the form of paper... I misplace.  And two, it saves you money on your invitations.  Instead of ordering RSVP cards with envelopes and stamps, I opted for a "details card" which explained where to RSVP, along with other important information.  Lastly this also saves you time, you can bypass going through all of the RSVP cards you receive back from your guests and then having to put that information into a spreadsheet.  Automation is key in life, especially wedding planning.

5. Find and save your favorite vendors: I found all of my vendors through The Knot.  The great thing about their website is you can go through local vendors and read reviews, then you can save your favorite vendors and email them directly to schedule meetings or get quotes.

6. Stay on track with your budget:  So we did not use this feature as much, but if you want to budget a specific amount per vendor type, you can do so through your wedding website. 

7. Keep up with a wedding planning timeline: Many wedding websites have timelines based on your engagement date and wedding date. They will send you a list of what needs to be done in each month via email.  I downloaded The Knot wedding planning app so I could quickly checkoff what I had done and see what I still needed to do.

8. Manage thank you's:  This was incredibly helpful for the bridal shower and now as I get ready to send out the wedding thank you's.  Within each party you have a section for gifts and notes to help you track which guest gave you which gift.  There is also a section that you can input the date you received the gift and the date you sent the thank you note.
Well I may have gone overboard with this post, but creating a wedding website with save you a lot of time in the long run when it comes to the planning process. I hope this was helpful to those of you who are planning or helping plan a wedding!

Have a happy Hump Day!



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