December 2, 2015

10 Gifts for the Home

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I used to never be a homebody type of person, especially when I was in college.  But when life got crazy with work and we purchased a home I really started to enjoy the comfort and relaxation of just being home.  I know so many people who are like this now, yes they may go out once on the weekend or go out for dinner and drinks here and there, but they are happy at home.  A great gift for someone like this is home decor and it's a great alternative to buying someone clothes and not knowing if they will be the right fit.  Plus I feel like decor is one of the last things you think of purchasing for yourself, so when you get it as a gift, it's that much better!

By the way I saw the mirror (number 8) in person recently and it's SO adorable!  It looks much more expensive than it really is.

Thanks for stopping by, happy hump day!


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  1. Anytime I get candles as a gift, I am a happy girl!