December 10, 2015

7 Gifts for the Man

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1. Graphic Tees - I think this is a great option for any guy at any age, even my dad loves teeshirts with silly sayings. ThinkGeek and Urban Outfitters have a lot of fun options.

2. Water Bottle - I feel like we are always misplacing our water bottles and Bryan drinks water nonstop, so this is an easy gift! 

3. NFL Sweatshirt - We live in Denver and are Raiders fan (well I'm one by marriage I guess) and that's all I will say about that.  But this is a thoughtful gift your guy will surely appreciate.

4. Xbox Anything - This could be a difficult gift because guys can be picky about this type of thing, so maybe try to reach out to his brother or best friend. I new Bryan had been wanting this for his Xbox... and I was nice enough to let him open it early ;)

5. Flannels - A flannel is a perfect gift for guys or girls and it will come in very handy in the winter.

6. Fleece - This is something that is bound to become one of his go-to's, I would suggest going with a neutral color so it will go with the rest of his wardrobe. 

7. Athletic Shoes - I know some guys love to have a collection of Nikes that look like they have never been worn, but this is definitely not Bryan. If your guy is anything like mine he probably needs a new pair of athletic shoes, but won't purchase them for himself. 

I hope you guys found this gift guide to be helpful for the man in your life, I know they can be incredibly hard to shop for!


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