June 17, 2017

(Late) Friday Favorites

This post was supposed to go up on Friday, but my schedule was crazy on Thursday and Friday, nonetheless here are some of my favorite things lately...

Rosé and hydrangeas - my hydrangeas got hail damage, but they have bounced back.

My library card - I'm so happy about this, I just downloaded my first audio book.

Target block sandals in nude - I plan on wearing these all summer to work.

La Croix soda water - I have posted a lot about them on my Instagram stories, I'm obsessed!

I've had these sunglasses for a while now (I bought them after I had Lasik), but I have been wearing them nonstop - the polarized lenses make a world of difference on a bright sunny day.

Last week I watched Thirteen Reasons Why on Netflix and I cried nonstop. 
I thought next I would read the book.

Thanks for stopping by!


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